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Category: Programming

My Essential Tools

Continuing my series on upgrading to El Capitan, I thought it would be a good idea to list my essential tools that I use daily for work and personal projects. The applications listed below are what I always have open on my desktop, so I would categorize them as my Most Used Tools Command Prompt Most software developers will always…

Trouble with gem libv8

While setting up a new VM for a Rails app I ran into an error message while running bundle install. The error message:

Usually this means that there is an error compiling a binary for the gem. But from the error below it appeared there was a problem with my python version.

Since I had an older version of…

Configuring Anvard for Laravel 4

Some things to keep in mind when configuring Anvard for Laravel 4: Review vendor/atticmedia/anvard/src/Atticmedia/Anvard/Anvard.php The function findProfile specifies role_id, username, email, password and password_confirmation when creating a new user. I commented out role_id and password_confirmation because I have no need for these fields in my users table. I also commented out username and email because I am specifying rules to…