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Serving Rails From A Subfolder

Hang on a minute. I’m guzzling a beer right now after several hours trying to serve a Rails application from a subfolder on an exiting web site. All I can say is that the implementation is definitely not worth the work I did to find out how to get it working.

Here’s the scenario. Let’s say I have a web site that is serving PHP pages (think WordPress) from the url I built a Ruby on Rails app on the same server that I want my visitors to access via This seems trivial enough for those of us who have used Apache’s mod_rewrite a million times. But alas, trivial it is not.

So here is my Apache VirtualHost config:

That looks pretty standard. When someone requests, Apache sends them to my Rails app which is running on the same machine on port 10001 and tacks on the REQUEST_URI. All looks good. But what happens is I am able to access the Rails root route and nothing else!

So, brings up my starting page but none of the assets can be found and all of my helper links are not working. Let’s say I have a link on my starting page “New User” that goes to the users#index, the HTML link generated is This is obviously not going to work because everything should be under “/mytest”. GRRRRRR!!!!

After trying everything under the sun and moon (by that I mean Google), I found out that all I needed to do was place all of my routes in a scope block. Here’s an example of my config/routes.rb file:

Now, all my links are being generated properly and I think I’m good to go. Whoa there horsey! I bring up the app and none of my stylesheets, javascript or images are being loaded.

I searched high and low on Google and after hours of trial and error (minus the fits of rage) I reached enlightenment. After setting up my Apache configuration and route.rb files, there were two more things I need to do. First, is to add the following line to my config/application.rb file:

This tells Rails where all of your assets are. Now, the stylesheet and javascript helper methods will generate the correct paths. And lastly, I need to update all of my references to my image assets. For example, in my css files I need to make sure that all url(‘/assets/image.png’) are corrected to url(‘/mytest/assets/image.png’) and don’t forget those HTML image tags.

That’s it. Now, I’m sure I will run into some issues with my jQuery-UI themes, but editing those should be simple enough.

Time for another beer!

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