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Month: June 2014

Drinking the Google Cool-Aid

I am embarrassed to be in the technology industry. Why? Because of an article written by one of my favorite technology journalists, Michael Elgan. I am a big fan of his and follow him daily on ( But his latest article comparing Android Wear to the iPad is so nonsensical that I am sure tech journalists live in a…

Trouble with gem libv8

While setting up a new VM for a Rails app I ran into an error message while running bundle install. The error message:

Usually this means that there is an error compiling a binary for the gem. But from the error below it appeared there was a problem with my python version.

Since I had an older version of…

Did God Create the Universe?

The other night, I was browsing Netflix for something interesting to watch after getting my daily fix of the World Cup. I stumbled across a Discovery Channel documentary entitled “Did God Create the Universe?”. Intriguing, I know. I watched the program with great interest and attention, knowing that I would have to recap every detail to my wife who fell…